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Hiking Tours

You can explore a variety of landscapes in Greece…

… remote villages and ruins of ancient cities, WALKING!
The Mainland and the Greek Islands are a sheer hikers Paradise with mostly a well organised system of paths and ancient trails! We offer several hiking tours, tailor made!
Discover unspoiled Greece and walk with me through ancient sites, lush valleys, terraced hillsides, olive groves or simply along the impressive coastline of the country, with its total lenght of 15.000 km.

Here are some ideas:
Hidden trails and golden beaches on the Cyclades, an archipelago named for the circle it forms around the sacred Island of Delos. We explore on foot Andros, Tinos and Amorgos. The islands are known for the many small fishing villages with blue-shuttered, whitewashed houses, the hospitable locals and delightful Greek meals. This is the way to reach inaccessible beaches and coves, to reach lonely summits and visit deserted monasteries!

Ancient trails on the Island of Kythira, the birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite, according to Greek mythology! The Island is fairly unknown and hasn’t been spoilt by mass tourism yet. With well over 60 villages and settlements, all connected by an intensive network of mostly unpaved footpaths, Kythira is the Island to walk around. The paths are fairly easy, since it is not a mountainous Island. There is a daily flight out of Athens, so Kythira can be reached in a simple way. We’ll be staying in lovely restored old houses!

A true hiking and trekking Paradise is the whole region of Zagoria, a forgotten part of the world, situated in Northwestern Greece, in the province of  Epirus, close to the borders of Albania. The Zagoria area is located in the Pindos mountain range devided by Mitsikeli mountain and the Aoos river. There are over 40 villages with stone-built houses and arched stone bridges situated in dramatic wilderness. Highlights of the tour are the beautiful Dragon Lake at a height of 2100 meters, the Vikos gorge (according to the world record book of Guinness the deepest gorge in the world), the Papingo villages and the crystalclear Voïdomatis Springs. We may be lucky to spot a wolf, bear or lynx for Zagoria is home to all those animals!