About Ancient Trails

Discover Ancient-trails with me!

Although born in Holland, Georgina Heilig has been living in Greece for the past 26 years. “At the graduation-ceremony of my Classical education, I was given the book ‘Ancient Greece’ as a gift. Later back home, I decided it was time to go see the world famous Parthenon from nearby. So with my first earned money and an Inter-rail ticket in my back-pack I travelled to Athens, not knowing that this visit would determine my life.
Eventually I settled in Greece, studied there and became a licensed tour guide! No other country in Europe is as versatile as beautiful Greece, no other European destination has so much to offer on a cultural basis! No wonder that the roots of Western thought and being lie in this country! The last few years I also discovered the incredible possibilities of the many ancient trails in Hellas, so I bought a pair of good hiking boots and started to explore …”
Come and discover them with me!

Georgina Heilig